Saturday, 17 March 2012

Forgotten Guitar Solos No. 3 - Madonna "Dress You Up"

It's 1985,and Madonna's star is on the ascendant. "Dress You Up" is the 5th single from the pop princess's 2nd solo album, and it peaks at No. 5 in the US Billboard chart, and No. 3 in the US Dance Chart. Because it's nothing more nor less than a smooth, seductive dance track, drum machine, funky guitar licks and all.

But what's this? 2:01 minutes in, producer Nile Rodgers steps up and delivers a 27 second long tight little tremolo-driven rock guitar solo. Unexpected, shorter than it should be, but very welcome.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Forgotten Guitar Solos No. 19 - Christopher Cross "Ride Like the Wind"

From Christopher Cross's eponymous 1979 debut album "Ride Like the Wind" was the first of 4 singles from the album, and reached no. 2 in the US billboard charts. It's got a wonderfully "Manhattan" sound to it, echoed on his later hit single "Arthur's Theme".

However there's a very understated guitar solo that fades in from about 3:25 until the end of the song, and once you've noticed it, you never forget it on subsequent plays.

It complements the song perfectly, riding in and out of the melody, and like the song it fades out at 4:35. Sadly the album version and the single version are identical, so you don't get a longer version by buying the album. Although there are quite a few guitarists credited on the album, this solo is from Chris himself, as you can tell from youtube videos of him doing it live.